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For Advisors

Grand Bend Community Foundation provides information for financial advisors and other professional advisors  to assist their clients. This page lets you find out more about us, as well as as the Community Foundations across Canada.

Some of our donors have asked us for language that can be used in estate planning and making a bequest to the Community Foundation. This document is provided to assist in this process. BequestInfo

This link will take you to the Professional Advisors eResource

Help for your clients: 

Seven questions for Estate and Financial Planners

  • Do I have clients who care deeply about their community?
  • Do they give to more than one charitable cause?
  • Are they interested in creating a personal or family legacy in their community?
  • Are they considering the creation of a private foundation, but are concerned about cost and administrative complexity?
  • Would they like to stay personally involved in the use of their gift dollars?
  • Do they want to receive maximum tax benefit for their charitable contributions under federal law?
  • Do they place a priority on sound financial management of their contributions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your clients would
benefit from knowing more about the Grand Bend Community Foundation.
We’d be happy to help you make an introduction.


Community Foundations Canada and the Grand Bend Community Foundation are pleased to offer you the following information & resources to assist you in answering your clients questions.

1.  Talking about charitable giving

2. Tools for professional advisors

3. Flexible Giving -Gift Options

4. How Community Foundations Can help