Rotary beach Stage post

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The Rotary Beach Stage A place to gather on a summer night. A place to savour the sounds of the talented musicians from near and far. A place to experience the best of our community. This project is a big step forward for Grand Bend, and a big project that requires support from a broad base. We need a full cast of stars and a crew of stagehands to pool their resources to make this project a success.

Founding supporters: Grand Bend Rotary, Grand Bend Community Foundation

Star Status: You can be a star on the Grand Bend Stage. Donations of $5,000 or more secure a permanent star embossed on the face of the stage for thousands of visitors to see. There is a limited space for these stars, so reserve yours now with a pledge (may span 3 years). Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued by the Grand Bend Community Foundation for the full amount.

Stagehand Status: Every great show needs stars, but the show can’t go on without a capable crew of Stagehands. Your contribution of $500 or more will ensure you are permanently listed in the “Stagehand” section of the credits permanently mounted on the side wall of the structure. Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued by the Grand Bend Community Foundation for the full amount.

I Luv Grand Bend:  The Grand Bend Community Foundation believes everyone matters and plays a part in building their community. An I Luv Grand Bend contribution is about community building. The Board of the community foundation directs these funds annually through its annual grant selections process. This years I Luv Grand Bend contributions will be dedicated to the Grand Bend Rotary Beach Stage project. Receipts are issued for any donation over 20.00 $  Donate now and show how you Luv Grand Bend.