Community Survey From CIC

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Community Improvement Coalition wants your opinions. 

The Community Improvement Coalition (CIC) is made up of volunteer members from the Grand Bend community. Since August, 2013 the members have held regular meetings to research and assess how we can improve the services, quality of life, economic opportunities and facilities available to residents of the community. In the past year the committee has visited and had interviews with neighbouring communities and has had early discussions with the municipality, local businesses and associations, professionals and would like to gather information from the community as a whole. The communities visited all relayed the positive impact and benefits that can be had by having a multi-functional community facility. We would like you to share with us how you would use or items you think would be asset in a Community facility in the questions below. Leave all the feedback you’d like; we value your feedback! We want to understand how a Multi Purpose facility could become your number one neighborhood destination for community activities. The hope of this committee is to produce a feasibility study focused on how a multi-purpose, multi-generational, multi-tenant community complex could be funded and operated and the facilities it should contain.

To see or print a copy of the community invitation follow this link.

To take the survey follow this link

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