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Cards Help

Buying Gift Cards Online Generates a Donation For Grand Bend Community Foundation

You can now use gift cards purchased through FundScript to pay for your everyday purchases and help the Grand Bend Community Foundations at the same time.

Every gift card purchased provides a small  percentage (usually between 3 to 5 %) to Grand Bend Community Foundation. Find gift cards from over 180 retailers on the FundScript website now.

Your Grand Bend Community Foundation Invitation code is NXDX6S
Once you sign in you will be able to buy cards for things you would use in everyday shopping such as NO FRILLS and SOBEYS or Shoppers DrugMart, or you can purchase cards for many different restaurants and stores again for personal use or for birthday or Christmas gifts.
The beauty of these is that every time your purchase the companies split some of the revenue on these cards with the Grand Bend Community Foundation. So your everyday shopping does good for our community.
A couple of examples.
Say you buy 500.00 in grocery per month a Sobeys or NO FRILLS, that’s 6000.00 a year the foundation would receive 3 % or 180.00
Buying some gift cards for Christmas , if you buy 1000.00 , we could receive as much as 50.00
So a small change in how you buy (using a card ) can make a big difference to increasing revenues to cover the annual expenses for the foundation and provide more funding for great programs and projects in your community. 
A complete list of over 180 retailers and the percentage the foundation receives can be seen at this link
Oh and by the way if  your a local charity or organization and would like to run this program for fund raising yourself, Please just let me know and we will be glad to provide you with some guidance !!!

More  information on how the Fundscript program works.

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Why is it better to use ETF (online banking) or Interac to pay for FUNDSCRIPT card purchases instead of Credit cards ?

You can use Credit cards to pay for your FUNDSCRIPT purchases, but the card processing fees are  1.99 % which is deducted from the percentage we receive.  So If you purchase a card that rebates us 3 % that would be reduced by 1.99 % for credit card fees, leaving only 1 %.  If purchased by ETF there is no discount we would receive the full 3 %.

When do I receive my cards ?

You can get your cards shipped in the mail to any address you like for a small fee. You can get as many as 4 cards shipped per letter for a fee (at time of this writing .73 cents)  And yes you can ship the directly to your kids away at school or to friends or family. Delivery usually takes 3 to 7 days.

Other shipping options include Xpress post no signature  (no card  limit)  1-2 days Fee at time of writing  7.46 (with signature 9.46)