OnLine Grant Evaluation Form

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Grant recipients may now use our electronic form submitting their Grant Evaluations.

Grant Evaluations are due upon completion of your project or at the latest Dec 31st of the year of completion of you Grant project.

You may still submit your grant evaluations in paper form if desired.

A few things you should know about the form.

Sticky content – When you fill the form on a computer, it will remember your form entries and try to help you fill out the form.

Example: If you have typed in your email address as david@gmail , the next time you enter this field and type “d” it will come up with the content you have previously entered, so that you can select it. (saves you some typing)

It is suggested that you print a copy of this form for review, so you can understand what is required and then fill in the on line form with the desired content.

The online form will reply to the email you enter and send you a copy of the data you have entered.

If you need help with terms or have questions, please give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.

Click this link to display  & print a blank copy of the form.

When you are ready to go, just fill in  our Our On Line Grant Application shown below.

Submit Grant Evaluation