Donor List

The Grand Bend Community Foundation acknowledges with heartfelt thanks the generosity of the following individuals and organizations that have made gifts

Sheldon & Betsy Aaron

David C. Gray

Bill & Janice Peckitt

Algarva Alhambra

Brian Grimshaw

Hilda & Lawrence Petch

Linda Bain & Larry Taylor

Brian & Irene Hall

Nancy Poole

David & Anne Bannister

Hay Communications Co-op Ltd


B. Beattie

Dr. Michael Hoare

Tomas Prout

Bruce & Linda Bunker

Bob Hoffman

Patricia & Mark Relouw

Mary Cardiff

Bob & Kitty Illman

Tony & Fran Relouw

Estate of Dorothy Child

Dr. Jim & Beth Jean

Adam J Riggin

Cobble Design

Harlie & Daphne Johnston

Margaret Riggin

Emerson Desjardine

Hank & Jacqui Krech

R. P. Riggin

Community Foundations of Canada

Harry Kumpf

Peter Riggin

Margaret Cook

Municipality of Lambton Shores

Sheelagh Riggin

Doug & Karen Courtney

Bryan Law

William & Joanne Rochester

Frank Cowan Company Limited

Gail Lawson

John Rutten

David Crone

Royal Canadian Legion

Bernard & Margaret Sabourin

Brian & Linda Cullen

David & Joan McClure

Sea Jewels Trading Co.

Howard Dahmer

Kim McLean

The Semkowski Family Foundation

Mary Anne Denomme

Roy & Lois Merkley

Sarah Smith

Frieda Dobson

Bill & Mary Metcalfe

John & Barb Smits

Stephanie Donaldson

K.F. Metcalfe

Pat & Sharon Soldan

Sherwood & Carey Eddy


Jack & Donna Southcott

Maxine Eveland

Walter Michielsens-Direct Home Works

Jim & Jacquelyn Southcott

Evelyn Harrison School Staff

Ron Moore

TD Bank Financial Group

Marion R. Franklin

Pat and Max Morden

TD Friends of the Environment

Gore Mutual Insurance

Jennifer & Aylish Mossop


Grand Bend Horticultural Society

M.J. Muma

Chris Thompson

Grand Bend Optimist

Alyce & Kazuo Nishimura

Frank Verbeke

Grand Bend Rotary

Dr. Liam & Wendy O’Connor

Marcy Walker

John Walsh

David & Peggy Gray

Marg Pearson

Bill & Ginger Weber

William Harvey

Cam Ivey

Hank & Nancy Winters

Shirley Andraza

Terry Green

Donald & Betty Tedford

Lee McCutcheon

Estate of Doris Patteson Caplen

Glen Bartlett

Paul Weiland

Barbara Jones

Frank Beattie

David & Cecily Boyle

Lake Smith Conservationists

Josy Britton

Lynda Hillman-Rapley

Mary Margret Prowse

Debbie Crown

Integra Technologies

Angela Kuntz

Paul Ciufo

Cat McMahon

Joyce & John Seagrave

Arthur Smith Windsor

Murray & Bea Dawson

Joanne Maguire

Mary Beth Davies

Bob Sharen

J Shields

A Francis

J Hayter Oke

C Beamish

G Pepper

JW Wilkinson

S Dixon

W Harvey

R Hunt

Judy Jewell

S Haines

M Clark

M Prowse

C Luther

Elyse Jones

Bill Green

Lynda Welch

H Dresser

R Leanage

A Donohoe

J Walsh

C McVicar

J Baillie

D Bonesteel

Mary Ann Bleasby

Peter Verllann

James Jean

Algi and Alma Trbizan

Don Tedford

Grand Bend Exercise Group

Joe Kukurin

Dillon Consulting

Greater Grand Bend Community Association

Casual Industries/Doug & karen Courtney

Aunt Gussie’s Management & Staff

Special Thanks to all the Businesses and Volunteers who have contributed to the Grand Bend Community Foundation. Your time and assistance is invaluable.